Quality Control

Since its establishment, Biograde Nanjing Pty. Ltd. has carried out multi-item real-time quality inspection for Certified Compostable materials and finished products in strict accordance with the quality control management standards of the Group, and has successively passed the ISO 9001 and GMP and other third-party auditing procedures for factory inspection. The quality management has been examined and evaluated in the global market for 15 years in respect of its stability and comprehensiveness, and received a lot of praise from customers!


1. Perfect quality management process: The coverage rate of quality inspection for raw and auxiliary materials, facilities and equipment before warehousing reaches 100%, without products and items missed, and with complete inspection records. The inspection frequency of some processing processes is once every two hours. In addition, the predictive quality management procedures of the Quality Control Department also play a key role in the continuous production of qualified products.

2. Excellent testing equipment and professional operating procedures:The Quality Control Department has set up a testing lab for materials and a testing lab for finished products. Through professional and systematic training, the Quality Control Department fully relies on all kinds of professional equipment and testing procedures to ensure the real-time coverage of quality monitoring of all kinds of products. (There are operation diagrams of devices such as melt indexer, tension machine, constant temperature humidity chamber, Elmendorf tear tester, tabletop type film blowing machine, etc.).

3. Customized quality management services: According to different requirements of customers for product quality, the Quality Control Department can quantify specific product performance indicators and provide customers with various product programs to obtain the most favorable price reference. Biograde has proper professional specification table design and COA test report for all products for customers to spot check at any time.


Biograde will continuously improve its management level and testing capability by relying on its strong capabilities of R&D and quality control of the Group in Australia, and make unremitting efforts so as to further improve customer satisfaction.

Sustainable packaging will set your products apart and will give your products a competitive edge. World class technical expertise and a proven portfolio of bioplastic resins enables us to develop applications to help customers meet regulatory requirements, or design packaging or plastic products to exacting cost, performance and sustainability goals.

Our innovative team will help you create those sustainable products that will draw environmentally aware customers and help you meet environmental regulations. You can use sustainable resins in existing conversion equipment, including extrusion, film and coating machines.

Cardia Bioplastics’ resins technology is developed at our Product Development Centre located in Nanjing, China. The Product Development Centre team creates new resin grades that are customised for special applications.

This team pioneered sustainable plastic technology with the release of Cardia Biohybrid™ resin. This range blends renewable thermoplastic materials with traditional polyolefins.

In addition, our team led the development of the Cardia Compostable resin range. These fully compostable and biodegradable materials meet stringent international standards, including Europe’s EN 13432, the USA’s ASTM D 6400, Japan’s GreenPla, Australia’s AS 4736.


Global Application Development Centre

To help you pioneer new and exciting products, Cardia Bioplastics has a Global Applications Development Centre in Melbourne, Australia. The Centre’s skilled polymer engineers leverage a comprehensively equipped laboratory to optimise materials for customer specific applications.
In addition to mechanical, theological and analytical testing equipment, the centre has a pilot blown film line.
This team is well positioned to assist you fast track your sustainable products to market.